New Aristocra for House Amals

CSILLA (CPIN) – Last night in a surprising turn of events, the Aristocra for House Amals, Amals`io`anuulic, stepped down from her role. Citing personal commitments elsewhere as the reason for standing down, Amals`io`anuulic proposed to the members of the House that a new Aristocra be appointed to replace her.

This special election has been a test of the revised House System under the Nuz Bazan Reforms of the 7th Chiss Ascendancy, which transformed the Aristocracy from an inheritance, to a status that one must obtain by the consent of the members of that House.

Houses under the Chiss Ascendency were only permitted to officially exist if they could contribute to the Ascendancy whilst its members were required contribute to the House. This prevented bloating of both unproductive members to a House and likewise, unproductive Houses.

Last nights events ultimately led to its former Speaker, Taeno`dess`astra, as being unanimously elected as the new Aristocra. Taeno`dess`astra has had a history within the House of engaging with other House members and has also had experience in speaking to other Aristocra. All the members of House Amals were said to have supported her.

House Amals has made itself known for its emphasis on seeking hidden knowledge. Taeno`dess`astra, who is also CEO of Dorinian Military Corps announced after her inauguration as Aristocra that she had no plans to appoint a new Speaker.