CEDF Syndic Steps Down

CSILLA (CPIN) – Syndic of Defense and Supreme Admiral of the CEDF Prard`aga Rono announced earlier this week that he was stepping down as Syndic of the CEDF. Regarding his departure, the former Syndic said “While I am delighted that the Grand Syndic chose me to lead the CEDF, I recognize that my talents are best served elsewhere within the Ascendancy. I am a servant to the Ascendancy and Chiss Community, which are one in the same and I will continue to look for opportunities to serve.”

Prard`aga Rono’s career has spanned a number of leaders and began under the leadership of Rachel Keiko-sho. He served as an officer within the CEDF before rising through the ranks following her abdication, eventually culminating in Prard`aga Rono serving as an Aristocra of his own House and serving on the Council of Families under the 6th Ascendancy.

Whilst Prard`aga Rono served within the Ascendancy he was involved in voting to find Reius Rothschild guilty and whilst Aristocra, confirming Drath`re Skal to the role of Grand Aristocra and the authorization of the Nuz Bazan Reforms Upon the restoration of the Syndicure and the establishment of the new 7th Ascendancy, Prard`aga Rono was offered a role as Syndic of the CEDF which lasted for several months until this week.

The Syndicure confirmed the announcement of Prard`aga Rono’s departure stating “We can confirm that Prard`aga Rono has stepped down as Syndic. We will be grateful for the time he spent leading the CEDF. After discussions between Prard`aga Rono and the Grand Syndic, we can confirm that Prard`aga Rono will take on the position of Chief Archivist of the Chiss Expansionary Library. We thank Prard`aga Rono for his service and look forward to seeing his role within over the Library flourish.”

No longer a Syndic, House Hzebi immediately offered Dagaro an invitation to join, which he gladly accepted.