House Amals announce the Community Development Fund

CSILLA (CPIN) – House Amals last week announced the creation of the Community Development Fund. The fund is aimed at providing support and relief to Chiss who have faced hardship and are trying to set off into the galaxy to make a name for themselves.

When asked how the fund operates, we were told “Xenya’vir’sach is the treasurer of the fund. We currently hold the credits in a Galactic Bank account and Xenya publishes an accounting sheet of who has donated and how much. Then as a House we discuss how the fund could be used. Our members are heavily involved in the community, so they are the best at understanding what the issues and challenges are within the community. If several proposals come out on top, we can look at dividing the resources or create a plan to embed both as we continue to raise funds.”

The fund has already received a lot of support, many wealthy Chiss have donated into the fund and it continues to receive contributions. Currently several proposals are being considered and it is expected that House Amals will announce their first project with the Fund.

In addition to the Community Development Fund, House Amals also announced an Art Exhibit that will be held on Csilla on Day 151. The exhibit will celebrate Chiss art and artists celebrate Chiss culture. The fundraiser within the exhibit hopes to raise further credits for the Community Development Fund. Since the announcement was made, the Ascendancy’s communications network has been a hive of activity from interested parties, buyers and contributors from all across the galaxy hoping to see this event become a spectacular event for the Ascendancy.