House Csohn on the move

(CPIN) House Csohn had a busy inaugural few months, with Aristocra Cong`liddo Nollaig (Gliddon) flying across the galaxy to induct multiple members in inaugural Blood ceremonies. Along with killing a huge creature or bandits, each member got a new banner to deploy as a reminder of their shared values.

The first ceremony was concluded when Blood Prard`arck Inrokini (Darckin) met up with Aristocra Nollaig on Chad and the duo quickly got to work making their mark on the planet. With Gliddon laying down cover fire, the first ever House Csohn kill was made when Darckin ordered his pair of Rancors, Vincent and Mattias, to directly charge a pair of Rathars. Vincent ripped to shreds one of the huge swamp creatures as his master stoically looked on.

Joining the House Csohn pair was independent Airea Ski`tak (Rea), creating a near unstoppable trio that made quick work of any foe they selected. It proved was particularly unlucky for Rathars as Rea coldly and methodically commanded her squad of Wookies, while directing fire she unflinchingly watched the carnage as her troopers poured withering volleys into the assailants, the last Rathar falling dead mere meters away from Rea’s feet.

Gliddon next met up with Sarin Tal and then Mechna Yerikov on Despayre. Sarin and Gliddon took on a series of bandits, picking them off one at a time from distance, Sarin getting a scout blaster drop from the bandits they eliminated. Gliddon and Sarin did not regularly use any squads or creatures and in fact for most of the combat they fought the bandits alone just the two of them. Sarin and Gliddon took turns in taking flanking shots from distance with the bandits unable to fire back with any consistency.

After Sarin returned to active duty with the CEDF, Mechna and Gliddon picked up where Sarin had left off. Gliddon led an assault on a bandit squad led by an IG-Assassin droid with Mechna’s Chiss Ion warriors in close combat while Mechna took on the role of sniper, shooting holes in her foes heads. They ended up capturing the IG while they experienced no losses and little damage.

With the hunts all successful and four out of five banners delivered, the House remains committed to the goals of personal development and developing their skills in the art of combat.