New Aristocra for House Hzebi

CSILLA (CPIN) – This week the Aristocra of House Hzebi, Retan Coda, resigned as leader of the House. Retan cited a necessity for House Hzebi to have a fresh start and that his final act would be overseeing the election of a new Aristocra for Hzebi.

Within hours, members of the House had nominated its Speaker, Prard`aga Rono as the candidate to replace Retan Coda. The majority of eligible voters had cast their vote in support of Prard`aga Rono, with Aristocra Coda emphasizing the need to ensure that all votes were accurately accounted for.

CPIN reported last week that Prard`aga Rono was welcomed into House Hzebi following his resignation as Syndic of Defense, and that he would be taking up the role of Speaker for the House. Within the 10 days since the announcement, Prard`aga Rono worked with Aristocra Coda on a number of reforms, including reforms for the House.

In his resignation speech, Retan acknowledged that many challenges were now arising for the House and that Prard`aga Rono was qualified to face them. He also pledged his support for the new Aristocra as Speaker, a move that was supported by Prard`aga Rono who announced that Retan Coda was the new Speaker and in addition was given the status of Blood Born of the House.

Prard`aga Rono in his own acceptance speech, announced that House Hzebi would no longer be accepting Non-Chiss as members. He also outlined that the purpose of House Hzebi was to study Chiss Heritage and make it applicable in the modern era.

In a break from tradition, Aristocra Prard`aga Rono chose not to change his own name, recognizing that Chiss Houses are social arrangements for the management of the Chiss Community and not hereditary dominions.

The new Aristocra also stated that he would continue in his role as Chief Archivist for the soon to be restored Chiss Expeditionary Library.

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