Chiss Defense Force (CDF) is the reserve of the Chiss Ascendancy. The CDF is committed to the defense of Chiss space in the event of an invasion or to help in service in the event of an emergency. The people that comprise the CDF come from three pools of personnel: CEDF officers assigned to reservist duties, Ascendancy civilians and volunteer citizens.

As the CDF is a reserve force, most warriors major focus is usually their interior service with the Ascendancy government or in outside roles with other factions but maintain a duel citizenship with the Ascendancy. CEDF officers may be put on CDF assignment if they have nee put on long term leave for personal matters or difficulties they must attend. Occasionally, CDF personnel will join CEDF in joint exercises to sharpen their skills and have agreed to a minimum of 2 weeks of service each year with CEDF in training exercises.