Council of Families

Always comes down to the families, doesn’t it?

The Council of Families is the modern term given to what would have been known in the Years of Antiquities as the Aristocra. In modern times the Council was formed to debate matters of the Chiss and the Chiss community with interim periods whereby debates covered the Ascendancy as a whole. Today the Council represents the Chiss community and bridges the gap between the needs of the people and the expectations of the State. Whilst matters of the Government are now fully reserved to Syndicure, the Council exists to support the community and receive support from the Ascendancy.

Each House has an Aristocra which leads it. They are responsible for ensuring their House is maintained according to the requirements established by the Ascendancy. For many years, Houses were viewed as bloated and lacking the desire to contribute to the community and Ascendancy. With the 7th Chiss Ascendancy, previous Houses were removed and new ones set up that require active participation and contribution to the community.

In a sense, strong Houses build a strong Ascendancy.