The Grand Syndic

We Chiss are accustomed to formulating our own policies.

The Grand Syndic is the Chief Executive and Chief Diplomat for the Chiss Ascendancy. The Grand Syndic is the chosen leader of the Chiss People and serves until resignation or death.



Cong`liddo Nollaig was Syndic of the Ascendancy Military and founder of the Ozyly-Esehembo prior to taking on the role of Grand Syndic.


Grand Syndic Remus Soran lead until Year 24 Day 315. Soran’s is known for his securing the treaty of Uoti which granted access to the Chiss Ascendancy to use Gekto III as a colony,

Drath`re Skal, core name Thresk, was the first Grand Syndic of the Chiss Ascedancy. His era is noted for a massive construction projects in the Csilla system, stemming years of neglect and decline under the previous regime.