Foreign Affairs

But one fact has always remained constant: The Chiss must be approached from a position of strength and respect. One must have strength, for the Chiss will deal only with those capable of keeping their promises. One must have respect, for the Chiss must believe that those promises will be kept.

Ascendancy diplomat meeting with beings from Lesser Space

Foreign Relations

The Chiss Ascendancy takes an isolationist and libertarian view of the galaxy, concerned only with the affairs of Chiss Space and its citizens or trade with prospective partners.

Non-Aggression Protocols

The Chiss Ascendancy has embarked on a policy of non-aggression and avoidance of preemptive adversarial operations. The Ascendancy Military can initiate hostilities only in response to a direct attack or when credible evidence of an imminent attack is provided.


The Ascendancy is open to trading partnerships and commercial deals with vendors either Imperial Union or non-aligned in the galactic civil war. Chiss entrepreneurs receive preferential status.