The Ascendancy

“There were myths about beings named the Chiss, they come from the unknown regions and haven’t been seen in hundreds of years. The tales speak of Chiss unity and military prowess, cleverness, tactics, maintaining control of the situation. It is said that Chiss do not make idle boasts or promises. Once they set their mind on something they succeed or die in the attempt.”

Existing and thriving for millennia in the Unknown Regions, hidden away from the rest of the known galaxy, the secretive Chiss Ascendancy finally decided to make its existence known around the same time as the fall of the Old Republic and subsequent rise of the Galactic Empire. Ruled by ancient houses united by a common interest in the preservation of Chiss culture and the expansion of the Ascendancy’s influence, the Chiss people are disciplined, cunning and notoriously wary of outsiders. While exposure to foreign ideology and political intrigue has no doubt upset the delicate balance that maintains the peace between the ruling families, the Ascendancy is determined to prosper in this new era by adapting and assimilating that of value, while maintaining its integrity and unflinching commitment to the core ideals of the Chiss.