The Ascendancy

“There were myths about beings named the Chiss, they come from the unknown regions and haven’t been seen in hundreds of years. The tales speak of Chiss unity and military prowess, cleverness, tactics, maintaining control of the situation. It is said that Chiss do not make idle boasts or promises. Once they set their mind on something they succeed or die in the attempt.”

The Chiss Ascendancy: A Government of Unity and Purpose

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Chiss Ascendancy, a unique governing organization that plays a vital role in the lives of the Chiss people. If you’re new to learning about this government, let’s delve into the basics of what makes it so special.

What is the Ascendancy?

The Chiss Ascendancy is the government of the Chiss people, it places great importance on defense, cultural participation, and governance. Led by the Grand Syndic and the Syndicure, it stands as a beacon of strength for the Chiss people, ensuring that their unique culture and heritage are preserved and celebrated in the vast expanse of the galaxy.

The Grand Syndic and the Syndicure

At the helm of the Chiss Ascendancy is the Grand Syndic, the highest authority within the government. The Grand Syndic is supported by a council of advisors known as the Syndicure. Together, they provide leadership and make decisions that steer the course of the Ascendancy.

Scope of Governance

The Chiss Ascendancy holds jurisdiction over not only the Csilla system but also extends its influence to a distant colony on Gekto III in the Uoti sector. This means that the government’s reach spans multiple planets and systems, reflecting the Chiss people’s commitment to both their homeworld and their expansion into the galaxy.

Cultural Community

One of the standout features of the Chiss Ascendancy is its strong emphasis on community. Members are encouraged to actively participate in various aspects of Chiss society. This involvement can take many forms, such as engaging in communication channels, participating in cultural exchanges, and even working for the government itself.

The Ministry of the Interior and Ascendancy Military

Within the Chiss Ascendancy, there are specific branches responsible for different functions. The Ministry of the Interior, for instance, oversees internal affairs, ensuring that the needs and concerns of Chiss citizens are met. Meanwhile, the Ascendancy Military is charged with the defense and protection of Chiss interests, both within their own territory and beyond. These branches work in harmony to maintain order and security.

Protect the Chiss

The Chiss peoples history is marked by a legacy of struggle. Since the revelation of Csilla to the wider galaxy, the system has seen eras strife or neglect but now its is undergoing an age of restoration. The 7th version of the Chiss Ascendancy was founded in the wake of the Chiss people’s successful resistance against the New Republic’s occupation of Csilla. This pivotal moment in Year 21 marked the beginning of a new era and renewed Chiss determination to protect their sovereignty. Ultimately, the goal is to defend the interests of the Chiss people, their homeworlds and ensure they are not subject to outside subjugation again.