The Cheunh word is ozyly-esehembo. In Basic, it translates to ‘sky-walker.’

The title of ozyly-esehembo was a Cheunh word for Force-sensitive Chiss navigators, which translated to Galactic Basic as “sky-walker.”

Sky-walkers were traditionally Chiss females between the ages of seven and fourteen, though, in rare cases it could sometimes be retained as old as twenty-two, who used what was called the Third Sight to navigate through difficult territory in the Unknown Regions. They significantly shortened the periods of time required to travel, taking only a few days where a jump by jump journey took multiple weeks.

Sky-walkers were accompanied by a Caregiver. After their Third Sight faded away, many sky-walkers went on to become merit adoptives of important Chiss families. Sky-walkers were taken from their families to be trained as soon as they were found to possess Third Sight.

When it was thought that a sky-walker was losing their gift, they would be tested within the Ascendancy. A rarer ability that only some sky-walkers had was a form of telepathy, which the Chiss called Second Sight.

Modern Era

Having had wider contact with the galaxy, the ability to retain force sensitivity beyond a young age had dramatically changed the nature of sky-walkers. No longer were they a navigational unit within the CEDF but instead they became a military unit capable of handling more operations for the CEDF.

It was also discovered that the Third Sight was no longer confined to female Chiss. With more powerful force sensitive sentients spending time amongst the Chiss, the ability to test more thoroughly has helped evolve the sky-walkers.