The Cheunh word is ozyly-esehembo. In Basic, it translates to ‘sky-walker.’

Ozyly-Esehembo, in basic known as ‘Sky-walkers’ are the Chiss Ascendancy state sanctioned force users group that are dedicated to service of the 7th Ascendancy, the Chiss people and its citizens. Officially founded in Year 24, the OE formation was a part of the ongoing restoration of the Chiss government by the 7th Ascendancy following decades of Chiss space occupation by the New Republic and the Jedi.

Ozyly-Esehembo Foundation

The Ozyly-Esehembo was officially re-established by Grand Syndic Cong`liddo Nollaig in Year 24. It is a force organization dedicated to the restoration of the old ways of Chiss people fused with the pragmatic modern teaching influences from the Tikiar Knights of the Tresario Star Kingdom. The Ozyly-Esehembo allow the Chiss to continue their cultural restoration free from religious dogma and use the force in a practical way as their ancestors once did.


Ozyly-Esehembo help serve Chiss and the Ascendancy, providing training, testing, and force guidance.

Skill development is at the core of what it means to be an OE practitioner. They believe in protection and service to the Chiss Ascendancy. Meditating on a sense of duty and service provides purpose.

The head of the OE is the Crahsystor (Commander in basic). Since the has now been formed in both Chiss males and females, a leadership term for males was adopted to be in line with the military tradition of service that the Momish had provided their wards.


The founder of the restored Ozyly-Esehembo is Cong`liddo Nollaig, who spent a year in service of the Tikiar Knights and the Tresario Star Kingdom, where he developed his force skills to Knight status under Tikiar Master Garharh Brin.

What had attracted Cong to the Tikiars was their practical beliefs in the force and dedication to service, a very Chiss ethos. When Cong had returned to the Ascendancy to assume a role as Syndic of the Chiss Ascendancy, he was unable to complete his training to master. The Jedi and Sages were supportive of the New Republic occupation. Absent a Chiss master to aid in training to master status, Cong recognized any new Chiss force organization needed outside guidance to get off the ground and needed training from an elite sect to help elevate his people.

With the approval of the Syndicure and Grand Syndic Remus Soran, an official approach was made to Tikiar Grandmaster Gravnkev Forestwanderer to help lay the foundation for the OE believing that the Grandmasters teachings and partnership would help future Chiss force users.

On Year 24 Day 9, Cong`liddo Nollaig accepted Gravnkev’s offer to be his student, and so the beginnings of the Ozyly-Esehembo as the force user organization within the Chiss Ascendancy were forged under the influence of the Tikiar Knights. Following months of dedicated training, Cong achieved master status after achieving great breakthroughs in lightsaber knowledge which would eventually form basis of the OE doctrine, becoming the first Crahsystor of the restored Ozyly-Esehembo.