Everything is rough in the Unknown Regions.



Known in basic by name of Csilla, but often referred to as Chiss Space by the Chiss themselves, the borders of this Unknown Region sector has changed over recent years. For a long time until Year 22 the territory surrounding Csilla was considered a square shape. As the 7th Ascendancy took its place and cemented its power in Csilla for the first time in many long years reclamation of old astrograph data began to be recovered.

Today, the outline of the Unknown Regions has grown and its territory size has been updated within the galactic archives. unfortunately the many worlds that the Chiss inhabited during the Years of Antiquity still remain hidden away from the Ascendancy.

Currently there is only one official system for the sector; Csilla


Capital of the Ascendancy


Nestled deep within the furthest outer regions of space exists a world of captivating mystery and natural beauty, known as Csilla. This planet, adorned with a captivating frosty veil, is unlike any other. What makes Csilla particularly fascinating is that it is the home world of an enigmatic species known as the Chiss that have survived on the frozen tundra for many millennia.

Picture a planet whose landscapes were once dominated by temperate forests, where lush greenery and moderate temperatures prevailed. However, the passage of time brought a dramatic shift, plunging Csilla into the icy embrace of a perpetual winter. The very climate of the planet transformed, with snow-capped panoramas and frozen vistas becoming the new norm. The planet experiences days that span 25 hours and it takes 462 days to complete a full calendar year on Csilla.

The majority of the planet is covered by urban landscape scarred by years of occupation by the New Republic. Restoration efforts continue to reclaim the Chiss planets. The capital city is Nuz Bazan, a city that has withstood the test of time on the planet. It is the customary gathering place of Chiss and dignitaries.


Colossal volcanoes, known as the Four Sentinels, majestically pierce the skyline, their peaks cloaked in perpetual white. These ancient volcanoes, as old as Csilla itself, are both a natural wonder and a symbol of the planet’s enduring spirit. Each of them bears a name: the Crystalline Spire, the Frozen Colossus, the Glacial Monarch, and the Diamond Titan. They stand as silent sentinels, guarding the planet’s secrets and providing breathtaking vistas for intrepid travelers. Before the establishment of cities on the surface, these piercing natural wonders served as guide stones, enabling those who would dare traverse the neighboring glacial landscape to not lose their way.

Amidst the snowy plains, there are pristine forests, their trees adorned with delicate ice crystals that glisten in the pale light. These frozen woodlands are home to unique flora and fauna, adapted to thrive in the planet’s cold embrace. The Chiss, with their deep connection to conservancy, have protected these forests as sanctuaries of their ancient past in an otherwise frigid world.

But Csilla’s allure extends beyond its icy exterior. Beneath the frozen surface, hidden from the naked eye, lie abandoned underground cities. These subterranean marvels, now deserted, offer a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the Chiss people. Archaeological enthusiasts can explore these catacombs, where the intricate modern and ancient interface together, revealing the Chiss’ long and storied mark on the planet.


Two massive caves, known as the Crystal Grottos and the Frostfire Abyss, delve deep into the planet’s icy heart. The Crystal Grottos are a mesmerizing wonderland of translucent formations, where sunlight refracts through the crystal walls, casting rainbows of color. On the other hand, the Frostfire Abyss is a place of stark contrast—a cavernous expanse where subterranean fires burn, providing once much-needed warmth in Csilla’s freezing depths, rumored to have been set by Chiss many millennia ago.

Today, Csilla stands as a captivating blend of tradition and modernity, a place where the past meets the future on a canvas of ice and snow. Its cold atmosphere remains, a reminder of the planet’s unique identity, while its cities teem with life and cultural exchange. Csilla is a planet that unveils its icy landscapes, keeps its hidden secrets, and showcases the resilience of a people who have made this frozen jewel their home. Whether one is drawn to the majesty of the Four Sentinels, intrigued by the mysteries of underground cities, captivated by the serenity of frozen forests, or awestruck by the age-old enchantment concealed within deep caves, Csilla stands as a unique and ancient marvel in the galaxy.