The Red Flame


The Red Flame is the ideal state of perfection within Chiss society. It represents Cunning, Courage, Discipline and a State of Preparedness. Chiss who subscribe to the ideals of the Red Flame are often seen with some form of red in their uniform, most notably these ideals are found within the military. It is not uncommon to see personnel with red piping in their uniform to remind themselves of these core tenets.

No one truly knows the origins of the Red Flame, in times past many outsiders have confused the ideals behind this as an official state religion and some archives held within the galaxy claim this to still be the case. However there is no deity that is worshipped or no rites and rituals either. Instead the Red Flame sets mark by which a Chiss can attain perfect discipline in mind and body.

Below are the awards that Chiss can receive in service to the Ascendancy. They are based on the ideals of the Red Flame and are a physical and visual reflection of achievement. To the Chiss there is no higher honor than to receive one of these awards and to wear it proudly amongst peers.