Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet

The role of a warrior is to protect the Chiss people. The warrior’s own survival is of only secondary importance.


Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet (CEDF) is the combined arms force of the Ascendancy Military that was formed to defend the Chiss Ascendancy from the numerous potential threats from Lesser Space.

The CEDF staffs its missions from the Chiss Defense Force (CDF) which have passed operational requirements.

Officers are expected to be capable of operating and conducting missions across both planetary and space theatres of combat and are the front line responsible for the security of Ascendancy interests. They may serve in operations located in either Chiss or Lesser space, in formation, alone or with Chiss allies.

Those who regularly participate in CEDF operations are those who actively seek to excel, train and hone their skillsets to meet the needs of a ever more dangerous galaxy.