The role of a warrior is to protect the Chiss people. The warrior’s own survival is of only secondary importance.

The Chiss Expansionary Defense Force (CEDF) is the military arm of the Chiss Ascendancy. The CEDF is commanded by a staff known as the Defense Hierarchy. The exact composition of the Defense Hierarchy is not known, but is confirmed to not include anyone below the rank of Crahsystor.

The CEDF was formed to defend the Ascendancy from the numerous threats of the Unknown Regions. It is bound to uniquely defend the Ascendancy and may not assault foes without being given sufficient cause to justify aggressive action, typically overt attacks on Chiss territory and personnel. As a result, the CEDF has a limited astrographic presence. The CEDF conducts exploration missions and is responsible for the security of the Ascendancy.

The Syndicure appoints a Supreme Admiral to oversee CEDF Operations. While many citizens join the ranks of the CEDF without belonging to a Ruling House of the Ascendancy, it is rare that the competent and effective officers are not made Merit Adoptives by Houses, who are always seeking to maintain their position and vision of CEDF matters. CEDF Officers are cross-trained as preparation to lead combined arms forces into battle.