Chiss Defense Force

Chiss Defense Force (CDF) serve as officers who are performing government duties in service to the Office of Colonial Affairs and are the backbone of the Ascendancy government operations. While these officers primarily operate in non-combat roles, they are the main backbone of defense in the event of an attack on the Chiss colonies.

Mission profiles


Minerals are the backbone of any economic or military development. Mining falls under the Chiss Military-Industrial Complex (CMIC) operations of the Office of Colonial Affairs.



The movement and flow of goods between colonies, factories, mines and operations is a critical element ensuring the ongoing endeavors of the Ascendancy are fulfilled.



Building the weapons of war helps to develop the ability of the Ascendancy to resist any attacks on its people and Colonies, its operations are part of Chiss Military-Industrial Complex (CMIC).



Construction builds the cornerstones of our colonial assets. From facilities to space stations, working on construction duties is expanding the Ascendancy and growing its footprint.