You see, the Chiss are taught from the earliest days of training that it is not the person holding the position that is important, but rather the position itself. Individuals must allow themselves to be subsumed into the role society expects them to play. If you asked for someone by name, they would on principle not talk to you. If you asked for them by rank, however, they would not hesitate.

Citizenship within the Chiss Ascendancy is recognized as having one of the following tiers:

Ascended Citizens: Those who serve within a Ministry or Corporation of the Chiss Ascendancy full time. Chiss are Citizens immediately, while Non-Chiss become Citizens after a period of time designated by Chiss Law or by joining a Chiss House.

Dual Citizens: Chiss whose primary Citizenship or membership is to another organization. Non-Chiss may be Dual Citizens if they join a Chiss House. Dual Citizens may not belong to an organization that is a declared enemy of the Chiss Ascendancy.

(Note: ‘Citizens’ often refers to Ascended and Dual Citizens combined.)

Residents: Non- Chiss who enlist within a Ministry or Corporation of the Chiss Ascendancy. Also the Non-Chiss spouse or child of a Citizen.

Expatriates: Chiss who have chosen to not accept an offer of Citizenship but have not broken Chiss Law.

Exiles: Chiss who have broken Chiss Law