Ministry of Interior

Even advanced species like the Chiss had found a way to make icy planets into homes.

The duty of the Ministry of the Interior is to support the community infrastructure of the Chiss Ascendancy.

Chiss Academy: The Chiss Academy is responsible for training and recruitment of new personnel.

Chiss Holonet: They maintain the Chiss Holosite, and the Chiss Holocomms (DIscord).

Chiss Public Information Network (CPIN): CPIN is the news agency of the Ascendancy that makes announcements on the Chiss Holonet.

Chiss Expeditionary Library (CEL): The CEL is the primary repository for information about Chiss history. It is designed to support articles about sentients, locations, organizations and events that played a critical role in Chiss history.

Vocehn: Originally started a club for off duty CEDF officers, Vocehn has become an institution bringing together Chiss notables, offworld traders, and common workers. The combination hotel and casino complex is located in the open port of As`ciel.