CPIN Evening Report

News Anchor Glo`tharius Smith: Good evening, I’m Glo`tharius Smith, and we’re here with the top story of the hour. The Chiss Ascendancy is undergoing a significant workforce transformation, impacting key sectors like mining, factories, and security. To bring us the latest on this development, we turn to our Senior Correspondent, Munn Keigh. Munn, what can you tell us?

Senior Correspondent: Thank you, Glo`tharius. We’re diving into a major development from the Chiss Ascendancy, where a remarkable shift in their labor force is generating discussions not only within their territory but beyond as well.


The Ascendancy, known for its long-standing open borders employment practices, has recently taken the decision to terminate a substantial number of non-Chiss workers, with a strong focus on rejuvenating their local economy by hiring more local Chiss employees, particularly in the fields of mining, factories, and security.

This decision has stirred debates and sparked curiosity, given that it represents a significant departure from conventional hiring practices.

During my investigation, I had the opportunity to learn from Chiss Ascendancy spokesperson Commander Thrasus Ura about the reasons behind this substantial workforce transformation.

Commander Ura clarified that while non-Chiss workers may still play a vital role in their workforce, especially at the Gekto Colony, the Ascendancy has chosen to prioritize the employment of local Chiss in specific sectors such as mining, factories, and security. This shift is aimed at creating employment opportunities within the Chiss home sector for working class Chiss.

He emphasized that this decision is part of a strategic effort to bolster the local Chiss workforce and underlined that it does not imply any bias against non-Chiss employees. Commander Ura assured us that those affected by the layoffs would receive appropriate compensation as their contracts stipulate.

As the situation continues to evolve, many questions linger about how these changes will impact the Chiss Ascendancy’s workforce and the lives of those affected by this significant workforce transformation.

Glo’tharius Smith (Anchor): Thank you Munn for providing us with a comprehensive insight into this unfolding situation. We’ll stay closely tuned to developments in this transformative shift within the Chiss Ascendancy. Thank you for joining us at CPIN.