Csilla Connection to Gekto Colony Grows

Gekto III, Uoti Sector (CPIN) – The Syndicure acknowledged today the collaboration of efforts of Chiss citizens to develop the hyperlane efficiency between Csilla – Anison – Gekto and that it has grown rapidly since the announcement of the Treaty of Uoti.

The ambitious project, dubbed operation Travelkraft, was launched nearly immediately after treaty ratification and has seen the Ascendancy diligently mapping the hyperlanes which connect the Ascendancy from Csilla to its Gekto III colony using a stop off at Anison, territory of the Galactic Bank, as a pivot point to link the two regions of space.

Syndic Cong`liddo Nollaig spoke to reporters stating he wished to publicly thank all the Chiss which have been participating in aiding the Ascendancy. The operation was not a secret as the hyper lane data is public knowledge, and that these developments are a sign of positive growth.

Broadcasting from the surface of the new Colony, Syndic Cong posted a brief recorded message from the frontier of the gas giant Gekto III.

“We are bringing our people together and growing into the larger galaxy. The Chiss are a people on the rise and our people are building up to grow even more. I’d like to thank the Chiss that have pulled together, citizens, civilians, or military to put in the time and map the lanes. We are cutting down travel time to bring in vital minerals and material, to build cities and help aid in the defense of new Colony with our Imperial partners.

The Ascendancy is for all Chiss and with the generosity of the Galactic Empire, we are continuing to grow as a people. Operation Travelkraft has been a success with a cross section of the Chiss from Ascendancy citizens, to military reservists or government civilians, diligently working together helping to connect Csilla to its new colony in lesser space.  On behalf of the Ascendancy, thank you to all who are participating. Together we rise.”

Data shared by the Ascendancy military showed that Anison to Csilla has long been one of the more heavily mapped public hyperlanes in the galaxy, providing up to 38% speed improvement, and with the efforts Operation Travelkraft, Anison to Gekto has already a 37% improvement in speed in a very brief time with more improvements expected in the future.

Interior Syndic Prard`aga Rono additionally commented “The massive development and growth of the colony, along with the hyperlanes, is on track to make the Ascendancy one of the fastest growing economies in the galaxy. The increased migration of both Chiss returning home and non-chiss seeking a better life has been of tremendous benefit to the Ascendancy”.

This rapid growth prompted the Ascendancy dispatch additional material to the Gekto III colony, the first of many expected major mineral shipments using a Mammoth class freighter. The minerals have been critical in building planet infrastructure and aiding in the colonization of the planet.

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