Treaty of Uoti Ratified

Gekto III, Uoti Sector (CPIN) – The Chiss Ascendancy announced the foundation of a new historic era in the annals of the Chiss people with the signing of the Treaty of Uoti, a transformative agreement between the Ascendancy and the Galactic Empire.

The treaty will grow Ascendancy territory through the addition of a gas giant named Gekto III which through the agreement is now designated to be a new Chiss colony for trade and commerce inside the ‘Emerald Region’ of control within the Galactic Empire.

Grand Moff Thea Corine and Grand Syndic Remus Soran finalized the agreement on Y24 D141 capping the mutually beneficial negotiations. The historic accord was negotiated over a series of months which began during an Imperial delegation visit to the historic Chiss city of Nuz Bazan and continued while hunting on the plains of Csilla, while finally wrapping up over the newly announced Chiss outpost aboard the Executor Star Destroyer Kaiser.

Gekto III development as a Chiss colony will help grow commerce with the sector, providing the Chiss a new economic vehicle to drive expansion under the protection of Empire. Lessons learned from the rapid development of Csilla will be leveraged at Gekto III to ensure focus on the growth of the planet.

Grand Moff Corine was sympathetic to the Chiss people, noting her desire in wanting to help the development of the Ascendancy and spoke to the oppression the Chiss had faced while under the tyranny of the New Republic and their Jedi enablers, “The Chiss have long been under the yoke of the New Republic, but now they are finally free to forge their own path through history. The Empire will continue to provide security and prosperity to the galaxy, proving any dissenters wrong at every turn.”

Grand Syndic Soran, concurred with the new Chiss partner and approved of the sentiment stating “I can only agree. My people have spent too long having to answer to a foreign power. Now at long last we can make our decisions, and do what is best for our own people. There can be no greater freedom than this, and I thank you and the Empress for providing it.”

Immediately after the announcement, in a brash yet daring move, Grand Syndic Soran himself lead the first wave of Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet into battle on their new Colony, valiantly clearing the area of Streaked Velkers and establishing the first city in what will mark a prosperous future for the Chiss.

The news has been welcomed across the Ascendancy, Ministry of the Interior Syndic Prard`aga Rono has set about to keep operations at Csilla running smoothly while the new colony operations are being organized, the long time Ascendancy stalwart was delighted with the news and believed the deal was a great step forward for the Chiss people.

Military Syndic Cong`liddo Nollaig was eager to work together with Imperial forces in the region, recent combat exercises over the months has been aimed to up combat standards and he hoped the Ascendancy in time would become a valued partner in the region. Gekto III is a yet to be tamed planet and will give the Ascendancy an opportunity to hone their skills.

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