Ascendancy Articles Announced

Glo’tharius Smith (CPIN Live! Anchor): Greetings, esteemed Chiss citizens. Today marks a momentous occasion as we delve deep into the heart of our governance. Grand Syndic Cong is expected unveil the long-awaited Ascendancy Articles. To break down this pivotal moment, our reporter, Thran Nysorin, is on the ground, ready to provide insights into this historic announcement.


Thran Nysorin (CPIN Live! Reporter): Thank you, Glo’tharius. The anticipation has been palpable, and today Grand Syndic Cong is about to address the the nation with a speech that is expected to lay out the future direction of the 7th Ascendancy. It has been revealed the Ascendancy Articles, a document once worked on by the 1st Council of Families prior to dissolution, is largely going to be adopted as the governing structure of the 7th Ascendancy. We now go live to Grand Syndic Cong addressing those gathered at Convocate Hall.


Grand Syndic Cong`liddo Nollaig:

Since the liberation and establishment of the 7th Ascendancy, we have been rebuilding our broken worlds, trying to put together our society after years of neglect and occupation.

There have been many reflections upon what it means to be Chiss and how we operate a Chiss government. Since year 8 we have been under various forms of occupation by outsiders from Lesser space, and the few times we controlled our destiny, Chiss tore each down to the benefit of these outside forces.

Moreover, despite our recent freedom we remain at a difficult time in galactic affairs. We need to continue to encourage development of our own unique Chiss identity and we will continue to keep the proverbial light on, as every Chiss needs to be able to find a way home in the darkness of the galaxy. We also need to recognize that as much as we need to protect the Chiss territory and people, the beings from Lesser space are now apart of our lives. These are not easy questions for us to answer.

In many ways, it is easy to build cities and develop planets. Laborious indeed but the galaxy has long mastered the art of construction. More importantly, we need to build our society in a way that is lasting.

To further that goal it is my privilege to announce the Ascendancy Articles. This document has been worked on in many forms since the 7th Ascendancy was founded. It establishes the foundation the 7th Ascendancy will use to govern and grow its society.

We are creating a lasting legacy for how we create our society while mending the question of Chiss and non-Chiss relations within the Ascendancy. Protecting the unique place Chiss have in the galaxy, while allowing some exceptional non-Chiss to partake in meaningful citizenship with our people will help us grow stronger.

This document also reinstates the Council of Families, establishing a new framework for Houses to be restored as cultural centers.

Fusing the cultural elements of our past with a centralized governance structure, the Articles balance modern era realities we need to face, the need for a focused centralized government with the breadth of traditional Chiss House culture.

In the coming days there will be further announcements about restructuring of our government and opening up the 2nd Council of Families. Today, we take another step forward. The Ascendancy is rising, and we will one day take our place among the recognized governments of the galaxy with the Articles serving as the bedrock of our great nation.

Thran Nysorin: Syndic Cong’s words have set the stage for significant reforms and reflections on our identity as Chiss. To provide some understanding of this major event, I’m joined by CPIN political analyst, Vossan Kerr. Vossan, what are your immediate thoughts on the matter?


Vossan Kerr: The emphasis on balancing our traditions with the need for a centralized governance structure is important. How that plays out will influence how the revival of the Council of Families will evolve around a government we can expect to look structurally similar to that of Imperial Union governments such the Tresario Star Kingdom, where the Grand Syndic was trained or potentially like the Galactic Empire, ally of the Chiss Ascendancy.

Thran Nysorin: Indeed. Grand Syndic Cong has also often talked about how building a Chiss identity is a core part of the 7th Ascendancy and questions about the 2nd Council of Families will continue until its re-establishment is officially announced, but its safe to assume there will not be a restoration of the old House model.

Vossan Kerr: Agree, centralization of the state can be expected. While todays announcements are a step forward, more questions remain. Another part that will have to be answered is how will non-Chiss entities be integrated into Chiss society, and what safeguards are in place to protect Chiss interests or identity?

Thran Nysorin: Thought-provoking insights. The Ascendancy Articles have ignited discussions across the Chiss Ascendancy. Back to you Glo’tharius.

Glo’tharius Smith: A profound exploration, Thran. Grand Syndic Cong’s unveiling of the Ascendancy Articles underscores a defining moment for our people. As we navigate the intricacies of governance and identity, we’re reminded of our resilience and vision. We’ll continue to monitor developments closely. Stay tuned, Chiss citizens, for more in-depth coverage and analyses. Up next, a look into the revival of traditional Chiss cuisines. We’ll be right back after this short break.