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Glo’tharius Smith (CPIN Local! Anchor): Greetings, Chiss citizens. Today, we delve into the intriguing history of the ancient Tunnel Communities on Csilla, a chapter obscured by both time and secrecy. Our reporter, Aro’sh Cthirus, explores this enigmatic past with the guidance of a renowned historian.

Aro’sh Cthirus (CPIN Local! Reporter): Thank you, Glo’tharius. The Tunnel Communities, remnants of an era long past, offer a unique window into Chiss history. Now restricted to the public, and entrances securely sealed, CPIN Local! is happy to provide you some insight into this intriguing part of Chiss history. Today, I’m joined by esteemed Chiss historian, Dral’ni Usca. Dral’ni, can you shed light on the origins of these tunnels?


Dral’ni Usca (Chiss Historian): Certainly, Aro’sh. The tunnels were born out of necessity during the onset of an Ice Age on Csilla centuries after the founding of the Chiss Ascendancy many thousands of years ago. At this time in our history, the majority of the infrastructure existed underground, only a few cities remained above ground to maintain political control but they were largely uninhabited. These underground cities were a vast network powered by geothermal plants and served as a cultural bastion.

Aro’sh: Fascinating. How did these communities endure through the Five Year War?


Dral’ni Usca: During the war, the underground cities began their long descent into disrepair. Vicious Infighting and intentional tunnel collapsing occurred. Yet, overall the infrastructure required for inhabitation remained resilient. The first mass exodus of Chiss to the surface actually occurred in 8 CGT after the revelation of Csilla to the sentients of Lesser Space. Off-worlder investments led to the construction of new surface cities while various forms of occupation drove more Chiss above ground but the Tunnel Communities still persisted as cultural havens amid the chaos.

Aro’sh: The Vesci, Chiss Houses fallen into criminality, played a role in this period. What was their impact?

Dral’ni Usca: The Vesci assumed control, sponsoring financial institutions and businesses within the tunnels. Their authority led to corruption in security and law enforcement. During The Partition, Vesci power became paramount but eventually led to internal strife.

Aro’sh: The events of The Partition were indeed pivotal. How did they shape the fate of the Tunnel Communities?

Dral’ni Usca: By Year 15, Vesci infighting intensified, causing unrest that spilled onto the surface. The Treaty of Csilla in Year 15 addressed these issues, defining territories among the Vesci. However, internal conflicts persisted until the assassination of the Vesci Leadership, known as The Committee, in 18 CGT. This ultimately lead to the final collapse of any sort of social structure, criminal or political, within the Tunnels. Concurrently, this was happening against the backdrop of the period of New Republic occupation whose neglect was rendering the intricate machinery needed to sustain life inoperable, driving the exodus of inhabitants from all walks of life. These two events ultimately rendered the tunnels unsuitable for living.


Aro’sh: So, are the Tunnel Communities now a thing of the past?

Dral’ni Usca: Indeed, Aro’sh. The Vesci camps are long gone, there is occasionally banditry reported at cave entrances but nothing to the extent as we had once seen. After the Liberation of Csilla, Free Chiss forces from the newly formed 7th Ascendancy removed any remaining criminal elements and because the tunnels were a hazard to the cities above, while also completely unrepairable, to stabilize the surface what parts of the tunnel system that had not already collapsed were filled in. Only a few areas remain open to historical study which are accessible from surface caves and there are only two cave remaining entrances on the surface of Csilla as the others were turned into mining operations to fund reconstruction of the Ascendancy. Unfortunately, going into the ancient tunnels themselves is a legacy of the past.

Aro’sh: Thank you for your time Dral’ni, back to you Othariuss.

Glo’tharius Smith: A riveting exploration, Aro’sh. The tale of the Tunnel Communities, once hidden in the subterranean depths, now echoes through the halls of history. As we peer into the past, the Tunnel Communities serve as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the Chiss people. We thank Dral’ni Usca for unraveling these mysteries. Next up, counterfeit Goop Pies, how you can tell the difference to protect your family, we’ll be back after this.