Military Reforms Enacted

Csilla, Csilla (CPIN) – Two major announcements were made today at Ascendancy Military HQ as Syndic Cong revealed changes to the structure and ranks of the Chiss armed forces.

Cong stated the 7th Ascendancy was going to build from historical Chiss ranks and reshape its military into a combined arms model under the Chiss Expeditionary Defense Fleet. The Chiss Defense Fleet will now serve as a passive garrison force activated only in the event of war.

“Today we take a major step forward to rebuild ourselves after a decade of occupation by the New Republic. We will rebuild our military and never again will the Republican or Rebel terrorists occupy our territory,” Syndic Cong said during the press conference. “Soon we will be able to continuously operate at home or abroad in Lesser space with our allies. We will strike a balance between our need for defense and giving the Syndicure options for a more robust foreign policy.”

CEDF Uniforms have also undergone modernization

Chiss Officers were interested to find out the new pay structure would reward new officers in training quickly and more levels to give recognition and gain access to quicker pay raises for activity, rewarding those who are actively performing their duties with greater status.

Furthermore it was noted officers over the rank of Lieutenant will be able to apply to own their equipment provided by the Ascendancy and noted any officer interested should contact the quartermaster to make arrangements.

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