New CEDF Syndic Appointed

Space Station Csibei, Csilla (CPIN) – The appointment of Cong`liddo Nollaig as Syndic of the Chiss Military and Expansionary Defense Force was made official today in a press conference held on the Colony I station [CHISS] Csibei today.

Grand Syndic Remus Soran kicked off by revealing discussions began to take place a few days ago approaching Cong while they were discussing Tenasas K’arci. “We were very glad to have the opportunity to speak with Cong as the festivities began,” Remus said. “His deep passion for the Chiss, in combination with his lethally efficient skill on the battlefield make him an excellent appointment to this position.”

After positive opening discussions, negotiations wrapped up quickly with a vision agreed upon on Year 23 Day 246 to bring the House Csohn Aristocra back into the Chiss Ascendancy fold, a year removed from his departure to the Tresario Star Kingdom. Questions about previous House related controversies were waved off by the new Syndic when he took the podium and made it clear that he was focused on the future. Cong dismissed any controversy, “I’m not interested in rehashing because we need to work together to go forward and everyone here wants to do right by the Chiss people, that’s what is important.” Fences appeared mended with the trio of Remus, Cong and Syndic of the Interior Dagaro of House Rono sharing the stage shaking hands and everyone involved talking about a rising 7th Ascendancy.

Syndic Cong thanked the Tresario Star Kingdom and their Tikiars, taking great pains to express the decision was not an easy one but gave credit to Grand Syndic Remus for building a sustainable vision for the Ascendancy that impressed Cong. “The Tresarian people are an amazing community, their Tikiars are elite force users and I appreciate them greatly. I’ve only positive things to say about Tresario”. Cong said during the conference, “Hopefully we can strengthen our ties with them as they are a good freedom loving people.”

Despite stated affections for TSK, Cong revealed as a Chiss that when the Grand Syndic calls on you for higher office there’s an obligation to listen.

“My intentions were to stay for a week but when I arrived in the system Grand Syndic Remus convinced me to stay and build the Ascendancy. Our talks were interesting and laid out a mutual goal to build up our people. The CEDF is left well positioned by Syndic Dagaro and I look forward to building on the work that has been done. Our future is Chiss.”

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