Military Policing Exercise Concluded

Csilla, Csilla (CPIN) – Syndic Con`liddo Nollaig today revealed the outcome of Operation Lowickan Sabre, the first major CEDF operation in the 7th Ascendancy nascent history. Lowickan Sabre was launched to clear asteroid fields to prepare for future mining operations. Drawing upon resources from across the Ascendancy and in joint operations with the Interior, it was a large scale operation that involved system sweeps, asteroid scouting, space combat and ship to ship boarding.

Syndic Cong spoke to local authorities remotely from an undisclosed location where talked about how proud he was of how well the operation was carried out.

“Lowickan Sabre demonstrated the incredible progress we as the Chiss people are making. The 7th Ascendancy is building, growing and making great progress. The Interior built us incredible weapons to defend our borders which were used to deadly effect. We are training Chiss warriors and they conducted themselves valiantly.”

During the operation the patrol ran into a Foray-class Corvette which the CEDF boarded and captured, another 7th Ascendancy first.

“What I can tell you is the battle lasted for well over 24 hours with Grand Syndic Remus disabling the Foray, while myself I lead the first assault with Lieutenant Commander SarinTal Dar valiantly joining the assault as our 2nd wave.” Syndic Cong explained. “The battles were bloody, many died but our resolve and commitment carried the day. We can be proud of how our riflemen held their own, their willingness to fight for the Ascendancy is inspiring.”

Released footage from the CEDF shown a pitched battle with highly trained mercenaries and CEDF warriors engaged in room-to-room close combat onboard the Foray. Sadly there were some losses from the warriors, the first deaths of soldiers in the 7th Ascendancy history and their deaths were eulogized by Cong.

“Our Chiss warriors are heros, those who gave their lives to purge our territory of these bandits which plague the galaxy deserve no less than our heartfelt admiration. These were no ordinary criminals, but extremely well equipped, highly trained and committed. “

Syndic Cong explained how the criminals ended up bunkered on the bridge and had only the top end equipment leading the Syndic to believe they eliminated a high value cell.

Before concluding, Cong explained the important logistics work that went into getting Lowickan Sabre operational.

“This operation would not have been possible without the logistics work that went into putting together a battle group that was properly equipped. Lieutenants Ryu and Popi deserve recognition for their contributions.”

In the wake of Lowickan Sabre the Ascendancy Military reaffirmed its commitment to training and equipping Chiss warriors with galaxy leading equipment was the right path.

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