Another Milestone Reached

Csilla, Csilla (CPIN) – The Chiss Ascendancy marked a historic day for the progress in the 7th Ascendancy by welcoming the arrival of their first non-Imperial foreign dignitary to Csilla in the arrival of Tresario Star Kingdom Tikiar Grandmaster Gravnkev Forestwanderer.

Arriving in the Home-One class Mon Calamari Cruiser Tikiar, flagship of the Tresario Star Kingdoms force user organization Tikiar Knights, the Grandmaster accepted an invitation by Ascendancy Syndic and Tikiar trained Cong`liddo Nollaig as a distinguished guest of the Ascendancy.

Upon his arrival, Grandmaster Forestwanderer and Syndic Cong embarked on deep meditations and training in the force demonstrating growing collaboration between the Ascendancy and galactic powers such as the Tresario Star Kingdom.

While the Chiss Ascendancy has been aggressive in rebuilding Csilla during reconstruction, it has deliberately taken time to establish official diplomatic ties. Growing its foreign policy commitments remains a key ingredient in the next phase of the Chiss Ascendancy rebirth on the galactic stage.

The Ascendancy Syndicure has also made it known to its citizens that the future of the Chiss people should lay with deepening ties within the Imperial Union as it has been a presence of strength, liberty and freedom for the Chiss after decades of rot under New Republic occupation.

Despite the distance between CA and TSK, there is shared common cause as the Tresario people know full well the treachery of the New Republic and the criminal organizations which have fermented since its destruction.

Tresario thrived since breaking free from the Galactic Alliance – becoming a pillar of the Imperial Union – whereas years of New Republic occupation left Csilla and the Chiss impoverished. Similarly, since the liberation of Csilla the Chiss been able to rebuild their home world and with future community prosperity on the horizon, Tresario makes a good inspiration for what the Ascendancy could become now that it is free from subjugation.

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