CPIN LIVE Anchor (Glo’tharius Smith): We’re passing the coverage to CPIN LOCAL! where we have Correspondent Aro’sh Cthirus on location in the Shipyards on Csilla. Aro’sh, what can you tell us about the assets reclaimed by the Chiss Expeditionary Defense Force?

CPIN LOCAL! – Special Report

*Aro’sh Cthirus (Correspondent): Thank you, CPIN Live. It’s been a fascinating journey here at the Shipyards on Csilla. Following the full surrender of the rebel House Yar earlier this year, their assets have been undergoing extensive maintenance and refurbishment. However, it’s not all smooth sailing. Crews working on these ships have faced some unique challenges.


*As it turns out, these vessels were kept in such poor conditions that extensive cleaning was required before any technical work could even begin. Crew members have even requested renaming some of the former Yar assets, aiming to “remove the stench of tyranny,” in the words of one assistant technician.

[Cut to an in-depth report on the cleaning of a Marauder, a capital-class ship, and a CR-90 corvette.]

*First, we observed the extensive cleaning process of a Marauder-class ship, which is part of the ships returned to service. Crew members wearing protective suits were seen working diligently to remove layers of grime and debris that had accumulated over the years. It was a monumental task to restore these ships to their former glory.

*Next, we visited the restoration of a CR-90, where workers were busy ensuring the ship’s mechanical systems were in top condition. The meticulous work underway reflects the commitment of the Chiss Expeditionary Defense Force to reclaim and repurpose these assets for the benefit of the Ascendancy.

[Cut to interviews with Chiss workers.]

*We also spoke with Chiss workers involved in this massive project. Many echoed the sentiment of Assistant Technician Irsa, who told us, “These ships bear the marks of House Yar’s tyranny. We Chiss are determined to cleanse them of that taint and put them to good use for our people.” The dedication and enthusiasm of these workers are truly inspiring.


*In conclusion, the Chiss Ascendancy’s efforts to reclaim and refurbish assets from House Yar are a testament to our resilience and resourcefulness. While the road ahead may be challenging, the Chiss people are determined to transform the remnants of the past into a brighter future. Reporting live from the Shipyards on Csilla, this is Aro’sh Cthirus for CPIN LOCAL!

CPIN LIVE Anchor (Glo’tharius Smith): Thank you, Aro’sh, for that insightful report from the Shipyards on Csilla and to Prard`aga Rono for the story tip. It’s evident that the Chiss people are working tirelessly to revitalize these reclaimed assets and turn the page on the legacy of House Yar. Just remember, the Ascendancy is paying an Aristocra’s bounty of 500,000 credits for any tips on the local lives of Chiss shown here on CPIN.