Glo’tharius Smith (CPIN LIVE Anchor): We’re passing the coverage to CPIN LOCAL! where we have Senior Correspondent Aro’sh Cthirus on an exciting discovery in the wilds outside of As’ciel. Aro’sh, please tell us about this remarkable find and the unraveling mysteries surrounding it.

Aro’sh Cthirus (Senior Correspondent): Thank you, CPIN Live. It’s an extraordinary day as we delve into a discovery that has captivated the Chiss community. Urban explorers recently unearthed an ancient tapestry hidden deep within the ruins of a long-forgotten mansion in the wilderness far beyond As’ciel. What makes this find truly remarkable is not only its age but also the stories it might reveal.

The mansion, previously believed to have been thoroughly explored, held a hidden vault that concealed this tapestry, seemingly untouched for ages with no damage whatsoever. It dates back to the era of the Sith Empire, a time shrouded in both mystery and intrigue. The tapestry portrays a Chiss woman and, perhaps, her child, sitting in a tree, donned in white dresses with small pink flowers adorning both the tree and themselves.


But what truly piques our curiosity is the text inscribed on the tapestry. Some scholars believe it translates to, “No matter the distance, I will always love you, my beloved child.” However, this interpretation remains unverified and subject to debate among experts.

Historian Dr. Thalos Norin remarks, “This tapestry is an unprecedented artifact from a critical period in Chiss-Sith relations. The symbolism of the image and the text, if confirmed, could reshape our understanding of that era.”


Historian Dr. Tarkus Hesk adds, “The resemblance between the Chiss woman in the tapestry and Patriarch Obbi’ryst’leo is striking. However, it’s essential to tread carefully, as historical records from that era are scarce, and more evidence is needed to support such claims.”


Now, let’s delve into the intriguing history of the mansion itself. It is widely believed to have once belonged to a Chiss Colonel who was part of the Sith-Chiss alliance during the Sith Empire’s reign. In a troubling twist, this Colonel was accused of war crimes during his tenure with the Sith Empire.

[Cut back to Dr. Thalos Norin explaining the Colonel’s background.]

Dr. Norin continues, “The allegations against the Colonel were indeed grave, and it remains a point of contention whether his acquittal was just. The political intricacies of the time were complex, and his case reflects the delicate balance between justice and power.”

Following his acquittal, the Colonel took up the mantle of a Speaker to one of the Chiss houses, and it was rumored that he was on the cusp of ascending to the position of Patriarch. However, the very announcement of his imminent rise was met with an unexpected backlash.

Dr. Hesk emphasizes, “The revolt against the Colonel was a tumultuous period in Chiss history. The Chiss people’s actions highlight their unwavering dedication to preserving our values and principles.”

In conclusion, this discovery has opened a portal to our history, shedding light on the era of the Sith Empire, as well as the complex web of alliances, accusations, and power struggles that defined it. As Chiss, we are left with questions that only time and further research can answer.

Glo’tharius Smith (CPIN LIVE Anchor): Aro’sh, thank you for your captivating report on this fascinating find and the historical conundrums it presents. Also, thanks to Obbi’ryst’leo for providing CPIN LOCAL! the tip . We’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on any further developments in this intriguing saga.