Foreign Relations Shakeup

Glo’tharius Smith (Anchor): Good day, loyal viewers. This is Glo’tharius Smith, and we are the the top of the hour. Here is the latest; Syndic Cong`liddo Nollaig, leader of the Chiss Ascendancy, has addressed the Chiss nation with a profound foreign policy announcement. Let’s tune into the Syndic’s words.

[Cut to Syndic Cong`liddo Nollaig, speaking to a crowd of assembled military veterans in a hall.]

Syndic Cong`liddo Nollaig: My esteemed compatriots, today, we gather to chart a course for the Chiss Ascendancy that is both strategically sound and culturally resonant. We shall navigate these turbulent galactic waters remembering our past but with a mind towards the future, as our Chiss heritage demands nothing less.

On foreign relations, The Chiss Ascendancy shall adopt a perspective of insularity, rooted in the wisdom of our forebears. Our focus will remain attuned to the sanctity of Chiss Space and the cultivation of our cultural identity and prosperity. To any Chiss who share common interests and values, we extend the hand of collaboration and partnership, for it is through such alliances that we may further our mutual ends.


Further, today I’ve advised the Ascendancy Military that the Non-Aggression Protocols have been enacted. We embrace a policy of calculated non-aggression, eschewing the inefficiencies of pre-emptive confrontation and follow in the traditions that kept our people protected for millennia. Our Ascendancy Military will only respond to the call of battle when the scales of evidence tip toward the inevitable. Unless we are provoked, through action or incontrovertible inevitability, we shall remain a sentinel, a shield, ready to protect our people, our culture, and our interests.

While we eschew interference in other governments’ affairs, the opportunity of expanding Chiss commerce shall unfurl for those who dwell in the neutral or Imperial Union-friendly realms of the galactic civil war. To protect our people, Chiss entrepreneurs will be elevated to preferred status, benefiting from the harmony of their ingenuity and the flow of commerce through our domains. We also look to find partners throughout the Imperial Union or other pragmatic merchants, non-aligned in the war to build and grow our economy.

And it is with great esteem that I acknowledge the Galactic Empire, our steadfast friends. They have played a pivotal role in aiding our development, and we look forward to continually building on an already strong partnership. As we advance on the path to become a government and achieve full independence, we are resolute in our enduring commitment.

To the New Republic remnants, the wounds of your occupation of Csilla and Chiss space still run deep. It will never be erased from our history books the damage caused by your imposition of managed negligence of Chiss interests. The economic costs, the cultural costs are incalculable. Your meddling is not welcome in our affairs.

[Cut back to Glo’tharius Smith.]

Glo’tharius Smith (Anchor): There you have it, Syndic Cong`liddo Nollaig, delivering a comprehensive foreign policy address that underscores Chiss Ascendancy’s strategic vision and unwavering commitment to the Chiss people. This decision will undoubtedly have profound implications for our future. Stay tuned to CPIN for further analysis and updates on this groundbreaking development.