CPIN Live! Anchor (Glo’tharius Smith): Good day to all our local viewers. Today, we have an extraordinary CPIN LOCAL! story about Thresk, a former Grand Syndic. Thresk, known for his many remarkable endeavors, has once again found himself at the center of an enigmatic tale. This story, however, comes to us through the words of a witness who had quite an unusual encounter. Joining us to share this chilling narrative is a Chiss individual who had been quite the admirer of Thresk.

CPIN Local! Witness (Xannar): I’d like to begin by stating that my intentions were entirely innocuous. I’ve been an admirer of Thresk’s achievements for years and, well, I wanted to catch a glimpse of him in action. Following him was a misguided attempt to witness his brilliance firsthand. I have rooms filled with Thresk action figures, and sometimes I even paint my arms with metallic colors to pretend I’m him. I’m part of a group called the Threskatarians, we like to roleplay as Thresk on the weekend.

CPIN Local! Reporter (Aro’sh Cthirus): Xannar, we appreciate your candor. Could you please share what you witnessed at the carnival on Formac?


CPIN Local! Witness (Xannar): Of course. The carnival was once a place of laughter and delight, but when I arrived, it was a haunting, desolate landscape. As I ventured deeper into the carnival, I came across a troop of monkeys. They were unlike any primates I’d ever seen. Their eyes had an eerie, spectral glow, and their chattering was filled with malevolence, an otherworldly malevolence.

CPIN Local! Reporter (Aro’sh Cthirus): That sounds truly unnerving. What happened next?

CPIN Local! Witness (Xannar): I watched as Thresk approached the monkeys. Their behavior was inexplicable. It was like they were taunting him, snatching his prized mechanical tools with uncanny speed. Their haunting laughter sent shivers down my spine.

CPIN Local! Reporter (Aro’sh Cthirus): Then what occurred during this eerie encounter?

CPIN Local! Witness (Xannar): Thresk, ever resilient, activated his cybernetic limbs. With a surge of energy, he defended himself from the malevolent monkeys. His mechanical limbs swatted them away with precision. The monkeys, once malevolent, turned terrified, and they scattered into the shadows of the haunted carnival. Threskatarians think he is an angel you know.

CPIN Local! Reporter (Aro’sh Cthirus): Thank you Xannar. Joining us now is Ascendancy Military Public Relations Liaison Chal’dar. Liaison Chal’dar, can you provide some insight into the capture of Xannar, the individual who was following Thresk?


Ascendancy Military Liaison (Chal’dar): Certainly. We received reports of a group of individuals who had been taking turns stalking Thresk so we had a detail watching the former Grand Syndic and holo-cameras caught Xannar following him on Formac . Local authorities then tracked Xannar to a Gungan themed karaoke establishment where he confessed to his actions. While his admiration for Thresk is understandable, his actions had crossed legal boundaries. Our aim is to ensure the safety and privacy of all individuals, including prominent figures like Thresk. Being a Threskatarian is not illegal, but all citizens deserve to be free of harassment and stalking is a crime.

CPIN Local! Reporter (Aro’sh Cthirus): Thank you, Liaison Chal’dar, for your perspective on the situation. Back to you Glo’tharius.

CPIN Live! Anchor (Glo’tharius Smith): An extraordinary tale, indeed. We thank you, Xannar, for sharing this unusual experience. Your admiration for Thresk led you to a truly exceptional encounter. And that’s the way it is, dear viewers, when an admirer’s curiosity takes them to uncharted territories in Formac.