Major Mineral Contract Signed

Glo’tharius Smith (CPIN Live! Anchor): Good day, fellow Chiss. We have an important announcement from Grand Syndic Cong`liddo Nollaig taking place on Gekto III. The Grand Syndic is about to unveil a monumental development concerning the Chiss Ascendancy’s future. Let’s tune in and hear the Grand Syndic’s speech. We’ll take you there now.

Grand Syndic Cong`liddo Nollaig: My esteemed Chiss compatriots, it is with great pleasure that I stand before you today to share news of paramount significance. The Chiss Ascendancy has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with the Imperial Mining Corporation, securing a monumental 1.3 billion credit contract for the supply of resources essential for the Gekto III colonization project.


This partnership marks a new era of cooperation between the Chiss Ascendancy and the Galactic Empire, one built on shared goals, mutual respect, and unwavering trust. I extend my gratitude to Executor Rezik for his instrumental role in facilitating this momentous agreement, which will serve as a cornerstone of the Gekto colonization initiative.

The first shipment of vital resources, crucial to our colony’s development, arrived today. This momentous step, the beginning of a brighter future for our people, could not have been made possible without the tireless efforts of countless individuals who have dedicated their time and expertise to ensure the success of this collaboration.

As we continue to expand our colonies, our commitment to the prosperity of our people remains unwavering. We now stand poised to unlock the untapped potential of Gekto III and further our contributions to the rise of the Chiss Ascendancy.

Now, I would like to share a statement from Landon Korrin, General Manager of the Ministry of Industry – Public Affairs, who provides a statement on behalf of the Galactic Empire: “We are proud to celebrate this trade agreement between the Galactic Empire and the Chiss Ascendancy. This collaboration signifies a new era of interstellar cooperation, bridging the gap between our civilizations. The success of this trade deal reinforces our commitment to galactic unity and shared prosperity, paving the way for a brighter future among the stars.”

My fellow Chiss, with this announcement, we witness the unfolding of our new history.

Glo’tharius Smith (CPIN Live! Anchor): A momentous announcement that’s poised to reshape the path of the Chiss Ascendancy. We’ll be back after these messages from our sponsors.